Monday, January 26, 2009

Quantum Physics "Talk To Your Things"

Quantum Physics

"Talk to Your Things”

This New Age of Aquarius with it's new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics, will be with us for 2000 more years.

It is a very exciting time and we have just started this 2000 year journey.

We have the Paradigm that tells us that thoughts are things and that we create what we think about.

It also tells us that all is energy, you are energy, I am energy, our Solar System is energy. The Quantum Ocean is an infinite supply of intelligent creative energy and the Mind of God is the ultimate source of energy.

We, as of yet, have not figured out all the rules, procedures and processes on how to use these wonderful Laws of Quantum Physics.

We must start building them ourselves. We can start changing the whole world towards peace, prosperity and love, but doing one very important thing. Doing it ourselves.

Since we are all individual souls, in the Mind of God, who have been manifested into this physical reality it is up to us.

Each of us must attract peace, health, wealth, and love in our own individual life and it will radiate out to every other soul on the planet.

Let us start with our own reality. We can think about, write about and meditate upon the energies of peace, love, health and wealth into our own individual configuration.

Since thoughts are things and we are energy beings we can send thoughts anywhere we want, we can send energy anywhere we want.

Start with yourself, with your morning meditations. Heal yourself first with your own thoughts.

Then go around your home and think energy into all your things.

What I am saying is that your “things” are your refrigerator, your TV, your computer, your pets, your auto etc. ALL of them are energy that is manifested out of the mind of God, just like you.

Therefore on some level you are connected to all your possessions. Talk to them and send them energy. The will listen to you.

Go into the kitchen and put your hands on the refrigerator. Say something like, “Good Morning, I am grateful you are keeping our food fresh and healthy. I love you.” (Don't be embarrassed no one is listening.) And , “I give you energy. You have at least 10 more years of good service. Thank You.”

Go to the TV, the computer and your appliances and think of things to say to them. Be creative, have fun, say what you like but try to use the words gratitude, love, energy and Thank you.

A very important 'thing' is your Auto. Never think bad thoughts about your car. Don't curse it with your thoughts. If it is not running well get it fixed without thoughts of negativity. Then every day talk to it in your own words, using gratitude, love, energy and thank you.

Then watch how much better it run for the next 10 years.

You don't need New Things or a new car so often if you fill the energy fields of the ones you now own with gratitude, love and thank you.

They will faithfully run for you for years.

Don't forget your pets, your children, your spouse and every organ in your body. More on this next article.

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