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Quantum Entanglement Soul Interaction

Quantum – Entanglement

Soul – Interaction

The free Wikipedia Encyclopedia, tells us that Quantum Entanglement is a mechanical system where two or more objects are linked together even if they are spatially separated.

It talks about spin measurement and hidden variables, Bell's inequity, H. Eisenberg's uncertainty principle etc. This the Scientific Quantum approach. The study of the smallest particle of matter – the physical Quantum.

It is all well and good but how does it help you and me and massive humanity stop struggling? How does it give us an explanation of how to maintain health, wealth and happiness?

I say we should study and understand Spiritual Quantum Entanglement. This is where the Quanta is described as one soul, the smallest subdivision of the infinite soul, Mind of God.

There is no physical reality, except as observed by a Quanta – an individual soul.

No individual souls, nothing 'blinks out' of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, no physical reality.

Let us understand that all is spirit, energy, non-physical vibration.

Let us talk about Spiritual or Soul Entanglement. And study the Laws of Resonant Frequency between souls. The rapports between souls.

It is true that each individual soul 'blinked out' of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God to experience “Life” on the physical plane. It is also true that the thoughts that this individual soul chooses to believe will attract energy out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God into his/her aura.

The energies one carries in one's aura attracts one's physical reality.

What needs to be better understood is spiritual Quantum Entanglement.

This means that even though an individual soul attracts, it's physical life by thoughts and beliefs; they are also affected by the thoughts and beliefs of others.

A belief is simply a thought that has been accepted and thought about over and over. On a conscious level a soul may be trying very hard to pick and choose the thoughts they think and to believe the beliefs that they believe in.

But in this chaotic time between the changing of one Age (Pisces) into the changing of a new Age (Aquarius) thoughts and belief systems are running rampant.

You can go out on the Net and buy a dozen new belief systems for a dollar.

During this transition time, between these two 2000 year Ages it is imperative that we all become still and know that we are souls in the Mind of God.

Let us stop and take stock of our thoughts. Where are they coming from?

From those we are vibrationally “en rapport” with, IE, family, wife, children, relatives, lovers, friends.

Or they are being electronically spewed out at us from the mass media. Every time you turn the TV on or read a newspaper, magazine, see a bill board you are being bombarded by someone else's thoughts.

These thoughts and impressions may not necessarily affect or harm you unless you 'believe” them. Do you believe everything you hear or see? This is a classic definition of modern day insanity.

To stay sane in these difficult transitional times, we need to embrace the idea: “Do not believe anything you hear and only 10% of what you see.”

It would be more helpful for humanity if the Quantum Scientists would study Quantum Soul Entanglement.

Teach the people more about thoughts and belief transference between living souls.

Leave Schroeders Dead Cat to lie in peace in it's box.

Come out into the Real World. The world of Spiritual Quantum Physics.

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