Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quantum Physics Structural Versus Decorative Knowledge

Quantum Physics Knowledge

Decorative Knowledge Versus Functional Knowledge

The Age of Aquarius has given us the new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics.

They tell us that we are energy beings living and moving, having our individual beings with an infinite energy being called “God.”

We are individual souls who have 'blinked out' of the infinite soul called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

The two most important tools we possess are our energy structure and our Minds.

The Age of Aquarius can be called the 'Age of The Mind.' We blinked out of the infinite Mind of God as individual minds and automatically became part of the collective mind of the consciousness of humanity. Or as Jung called it, “The Collective Consciousness” of humanity.

There are many, many, many souls. The great majority are content to remain within the mental confines of the “collective consciousness” of humanity.

They will experience their individual trials and tribulations, as well as the collective Karma and pain of all humanity. They choose to be part of the slow plodding path of evolution.

And that is well and good. But then there are those souls, like my wife and myself, who want to individualize and break free of the bonds imposed by the “collective consciousness” which I choose to call the “Race Psyche.” People like us in this category want to understand more, be more and evolve more.

The Age of Aquarius has torn the lid off the “Secrets” of the Universe. The Laws of Quantum Physics has given us the tools to use to evolve faster.

How we use our minds and our energies will determine whether or not we can individualize. A great teacher once said “Come ye out from amongst them.”

Come out from the Race Psyche (the masses) individualize and be free.

Gurdjeff, that great mystic told us the the story about how a very powerful magician has hypnotized the masses.

He makes them think they are happy and free men and women. But in reality they are no more than sheep enclosed within his magician's pen.

Every day he takes a few of the sheep and takes them out of the pen and kills them and eats them. But the rest of the sheep continue on in their merry, hypnotic way. They have no idea their minds are being held captive and although the magician may not be actually eating their bones, he is eating their life force.

There are two forms of Quantum knowledge. Decorative knowledge and functional knowledge.

The magician uses decorative knowledge that keeps the sheep asleep. This type of knowledge has no true purpose or value to those few sheep who are looking for a way out of the magician's pen.

Then there is functional knowledge. This is knowledge that can be used to find a way out of the magician's pen.

In real life we can see that Quantum Knowledge can be split in two . Decorative knowledge keeps us hypnotized and keeps us from looking for the real answers. Looking into microscopes for the answer to disease. Looking to the Heavens to see when the Pleadians are coming. This is all decorative knowledge that keeps us from our real search, no matter how scientific it may seem.

Functional knowledge is knowledge that helps us look within. To seek the answers to our own destiny and salvation within us.

Asking and paying others to tell us when the Pleadians are coming to save us, is decorative knowledge. It keeps the masses focusing on “out” there.

Be still and know that I am God.” and, “The kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN.” “Why stand ye there gazing OUTWARD.” These are functional Quantum Knowledge ideas.

One by one we “blinked out” of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. One by one we experience life and one by one we “blink back” into the Quantum Ocean. The new Laws of Quantum Physics tells us that everything that is, was or will be exists in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

We are individual drops of water within this ocean. Everything we need to know, to do, to be is within us.

The Age of Aquarius tells us we no longer need middle men (magicians) to tell us what to do or think.

Let us learn to stop asking doctors to heal us and learn to heal ourselves. Stop asking priests and ministers about God. Learn that we are proof of God. Stop asking scientists about how small the atom is and learn that we are that atom.

Stop asking channelers about what extraterrestrials say about us. They do not belong here as part of our Earthly reality. Maybe they are more of the magician's work.

The Earth is our playing field, our physical matrix for experiencing life. All our answers are here. What is in front of us today to handle?

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