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Quantum Physics "What One Man Can Do Another Man Can Do"

Quantum Physics

What One Man Can Do

Another Man Can Do

I should also say what one woman can do another can do as well.

In the movie, “The Edge” Anthony Hopkins is lost in the Alaskan wilds after his plane has crashed. He and his two friends are being stalked by a giant, man eating grizzly bear.

Anthony Hopkins, who was a voracious reader, intellectually knew a great many things. However he seemed the to be the type of person who was out of place in the woods.

But he was a man of reason and had amassed much knowledge of survival in the books he had read. He told his friends that to “survive” they must kill the giant grizzly with a spear.

He said, “We can do it. Why? Because what one man can do another can do.”

Now it is your turn. The Age of Aquarius has given us a new paradigm called the Laws of Quantum Physics.

These Laws tell us that thoughts are things; All is energy; everything that ever was, is or will be exists in a timeless, space less infinite ocean of intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean, the Mind of God.

Now you have a methodology in your hands that allows you to think into your life what ever you want.

Want to be an artist? A writer? A healer? A mathematician?

Good, the first step is knowing what you want. The second step is to attract artists, writers, healers, mathematicians out of the Quantum Ocean and into your Aura.

Not actually attracting their physical bodies into your Aura, but their ideas, procedures, methods, etc. out of the Quantum Ocean into your Aura. The energies that the artists, writers, healers and mathematicians use to become GREAT!

What energies you carry in your Aura attracts your outer reality to you as well as giving you their qualities to use.

Attract the energies of six or seven great artists, writers, healers, mathematicians out of the Quantum Ocean and into your Aura and you will start to become a great artist, writer, healer, or mathematician.

This is an exercise that I use. You can create one of your own that you like.

Every morning, pay yourself first. What I mean is use your new daily energy to build your dreams and aspirations before you go out into the world and give it away.

Sit comfortably in your favorite chair and think about the six or seven artists, writers, healers and mathematicians that you would like to be like.

The Internet is a great source to help you find your six or seven creative archetypes.

Breath in deeply and peacefully.

Now in your minds eye (visualize) picture the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God as an infinite space where all the great artists, writers, healers mathematicians still exist.

Call out to the ones you want. Introduce yourself and invite them to visit with you in a special mental room that you create.

The sign over the door of the room reads “My Circle of Creative, Artistic Friends.”

Have them all sit around a round table with you.

Now start your conversation. Ask them questions, How did they do it? What obstacles did they overcome? Ask them for help in your personal projects and endeavors.

Ask them a bunch of questions and then be still and allow them to answer.

Have a notebook and pencil close so you can copy down what they say.

You might even want coffee and muffins served. Make these mental visualizations as real as possible. Because it is REAL. What you think is as real as the table that I am now writing on.

Do this day after day and soon you will start to think like the artists, writers, healers and mathematicians in your group. You will also attract their skills.

What do you want to do? If one man/woman did it then another man/woman can do it.

Go into the Quantum Ocean and find those who did what you want to do. Then DO IT!

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