Monday, April 6, 2009

Quantum Physics and Symbols

Symbols Can Control You!

The Age of Aquarius has given us a new paradigm for living life and understanding our relationships with the Universe.

The Universe is the physical Matrix, or playing field, that the Creator God has presented to us to work out our individual destinies.

What is man's destiny? To EVOLVE, to raise ones level of consciousness and to become more God-like individuals. NEITSZCHE WAS RIGHT!

The Universe is one of the Creator God's blueprints of Creation. It is where we can create our own blueprints for our personal realities.

The Law of Attraction, which is part of the Laws of Quantum Physics tells us that thoughts are things and we can create a new reality with our thoughts. This is true but it is not the surest or fastest way to co-create a new reality out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, for yourself.

The best way is through using symbols. Symbols are a higher and more powerful abstraction than words.

When you look at a symbol, you make a direct one-on-one connection to the energy the symbol represents in the Quantum Ocean. You don't need any words. Energy will flow to you.

The only thing happening in the Universe at our level of reality is energy in relationships.

There is an old saying, “He who controls the symbols; controls the world.”

The advertisers, church leaders, politicians all understand the power of symbols. They know that they can have you do what they want you to do by putting a symbol in front of you.

You look at the symbol, give an “ah hah” of recognition then yo make a connection with the symbol in the Quantum Ocean and the energy flows. You may not even be aware that such a connection has taken place as much takes place on the subliminal level. Turn off your TV's if you don't want to be programmed by symbols.

Then they have you. What for? To buy a product, put money in a collection plate or make a vote for them.

How does this happen? Symbols are connected to “bits” of conscious energy in the Quantum Ocean.

Every “bit” of Conscious energy, be it a universe, a planet, a man/woman, a food or designer label are all made up of three properties.

They are all forces, forms and functions.

The label in a pair of designer jeans, the symbols of the Republican party (elephant) or the Democratic (donkey) all have forces, forms and functions.

The form of a Coca Cola symbol has a certain form that you recognize. You see it and you make a connection. The force behind Coca Cola symbol is the man made money corporation called Coca Cola. The function of the Coke symbol is to cause you to desire a Coke and go out and buy one.

Every symbol, label, commercial tune or slogan is a bit of conscious energy that you attract by unconsciously saying “Ahhhh.” and completing the circuit by making the connection.

The form, force and function triad is an automatic process attached to every symbol and label.

The good news about Quantum Physics and symbols is that you can consciously choose a Better symbol to look at, meditate upon and attract it's energies into your life. Choose not to be a victim.

Get out into nature away from man made commercial symbols and get closer to natural symbols such as mountains, trees, rivers, etc.

There are also many other symbols that you can use to attract new, powerful non-commercial energy into your life.

The symbols of Astrology, Runes, Tarot, Numerology and Color or just a few. Make yourself initiated in the meanings of these powerful positive symbols.

These ancient symbols have not been “commercialized” and do not connect you with a man made desire to spend and consume. They are pure energies that you can use to elevate and recreate your life.

Let us all stop being unconscious pawns in the consciously manipulated symbol world.

Let us become more conscious co-creators of our own lives and choose which symbols we want to focus on.

Here is the beauty and power of the Laws of Quantum Physics and the Quantum Ocean. If you can't find a symbol you like, create your own. Coke did.

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