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Quantum Physics and Your Field Of Dreams

Quantum Physics and Your

Field of Dreams

We live in very exiting times. We have just entered the Age of Aquarius. Our whole Solar System is rotating in an entirely new place in space around our Galactic Sun.

Just as our Earth rotates around our Sun, our Solar System rotates around our Galactic Sun and our whole Galaxy is orbiting around the Universe. Nothing and no one is ever in the same space as they were a second ago.

All these movements are part of the divine plan of the Creator God. And these movements have a purpose. They change the energy.

The energy inundating our planet, because of the orbit of our Solar System, is different than it has been for the past 2000 years, which we called the Age of Pisces.

This new energy that everyone on the planet will experience and be affected by has a new paradigm or set of rules for it's use.

This new paradigm is called the Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws now allow us to create our physical realities consciously. The physical realities we have created for the past 2000 yeas belong to those 'experts” we believed they knew more than we do.

The new Laws of Quantum Physics allows us to bypass these outdated realities belonging to the Age of Pisces and create new ones for ourselves. This is our true purpose.

How does it do this? The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. This is the Mind of God.

Everything that ever was, is or will be exists in this Quantum Ocean. There is no time nor space there. We live, move and have our being within this infinite timeless, space-less point called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

Now for the good news. We can attract any of the energies out of the Quantum Ocean into our physical reality. We can literally think ourselves into a happier, healthier, richer reality. We can drop all the old inhibiting beliefs that have created our present reality.

And there is a definite methodology on how to do this.

Remember the movie, “Field of Dreams,” with Kevin Costner? He built a baseball field first and THEN the players showed up. He used a pick a shovel.

You can build your “Field of Dreams.” Only instead of a pick and shovel; you can use your mind and your thoughts. It will take time. But just as the reality your living now has taken time to create, your new “Field of Dreams” will take time.

So start now! And continue every morning until it manifests. As sure as day follows night it will manifest. It is the Law of the new Age of Aquarius.

First step is that you must know what you want to build. Do you want to be a writer, a painter, a musician (or anything else.)

Once you have made this decision, start.

Every morning before you leave home leaking your energy out into the world, pay yourself first. Take your new morning energy, sit in your favorite chair and start to think your “Field of Dreams into your life.

Let us say you want to be a writer (you can even think a new house into your life). Well since everything exists in the Quantum Ocean, go there mentally and talk to the Great writers you admire and want to emulate.

Mentally invite them back to your living room. Through your mind's eye see them sitting on the couch and in the other chairs.

Invite Jack London, Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Rice Burroughs, J.P. Lovecraft, Marion Zimmer Bradley, (All the great fiction writers I like).

See them sitting in your living room. Serve them mental tea or coffee. Start a conversation. Ask them how they got started, where they got their story ideas from.

Ask them if there are any stories that they meant to write; but didn't have time to do so. Ask them if you can write these stories for them.

Keep both a mental notebook and a physical notebook on hand. Take lots of notes.

Let them talk. They will really enjoy the opportunity to once again visit the physical world even if it's only through your mind.

Keep these daily meetings going. Soon the ideas, skills and resources of the great writers , painters, or musicians, who you have invited into your mind will become part of your reality. You will soon find yourself writing, writing writing.

Remember before you can create your own great writing style you must learn from the writing style of others.

Start now. It works. Think your “Field of Dreams” into your life today.

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