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Quantum Theory Scientific Versus Spiritual

Quantum Theory Scientific Versus Spiritual

The main difference between scientific and spiritual Quantum Theory is the former keeps dissecting, smaller and smaller the physical Universe looking for answers.

Where as the latter (Spiritual) understands that the physical Universe is only the effect of the non-physical Universe. And the non-physical Universe is the Quantum Ocean or the Mind of God.

You can't find the answers to reality by searching the effects of physical reality. You must seek the answers in the causes of reality.

Scientific Quantum Theory seeks the answers to creation in mathematical equations, wave functions, uncertainty principles, decoherence, tunneling, Schroedinger's Cat and laboratory experiments.

Spiritual Quantum Physics theory tells us that the answers we seek of who we are, where we came from and where we are going are all within us.

We cannot find the answers outside of us, we only find the effects of what is inside us.

Spiritual Quantum Theory tells us that we are individual Souls that live, move and have our being within an infinite Soul called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

We 'Blink in' and 'Blink out' of the Quantum Ocean with each new incarnation. And we incarnate into what we call physical reality so as to experience a very small part of the vastness of the Mind of God.

Spiritual Quantum Theory tells us that we are like individual drops of water living, moving an having our being within the ocean itself. But at the same time being aware that we are in the ocean, but separate from it, at the same time.

We live in the Quantum Ocean, which in itself is a living intelligent entity. But at the same time we are aware of being an individual intelligent entity ourselves.

And we also know that to understand the Quantum Ocean, we do not have to go any where or ask any one or experiment or create scientific theories.

All we have to do is go within ourselves and ask. Isn't it interesting that all the great spiritual teachers of the past said the same thing, in so many different words. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” “ Be still and know that You are God.”

The answers to Creation and reality are not hiding in some laboratory or in the dusty halls of our Universities privy to only a handful of “Egg Heads.”

No, the answers are all there closer than our hands and feet. Right here for all to see and use.

This is one of the basic differences between Scientific Quantum Theory and Spiritual Quantum Theory.

The former is for the use and understanding of a select few. The latter for the use and understanding of all humanity.

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