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Quantum Information

Quantum Information

Quantum (plural; Quanta) is the term that Scientific Quantum Physicists use to describe the minimum unit on any physical entity.

As a “Spiritual Quantum Physicist,” I believe that Quantum is the smallest energy unit contained in the Mind of God. It does not become a physical entity until it 'blinks out' of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God into some one's physical reality.

A physical object must be observed (experienced) by a soul which has also 'blinked out' of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

No 'blinked out' soul, no physical object. I can only experience this pen, I am holding, which 'blinked out' of the Quantum Ocean, because I 'blinked out' also.

If I did not, then I could not experience this pen. This “pen,” as a matter of fact would not exist on the physical plane.

You can experience your 'blinked out' pen, But I cannot.

I can only experience “my seeing you and your pen.”

This may seem all new to you and possibly quite difficult to understand and that is only because of my ineffectiveness in using the correct words to explain it.

Basically, the conundrum about Quantum Physics is that I exist “both” in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God and also seemingly out of the Quantum Ocean sitting in this chair writing.

How can I be both in the Mind of God and also seemingly out of it, experiencing this unique physical reality.

There are many rooms in my Father's mansion. There are many rooms in the mansion called, Quantum Physics. There is the Quantum Healing room given to us by the New Paradigm of Healing.

Since ALL is energy and you and I are also energy, (seemingly solid, but not really) the new paradigm of healing will be “Energy Healing.” Some of the pioneers of this new healing energy paradigm are Dinshah, Bach, Schussler, Hanhaman and Eeman.

We also have the room called Quantum Consciousness. This means being conscious that everything around us is energy. Both the seen and unseen.

Quantum Evolution, All is energy, You are energy, I am energy, the planet, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe are all living intelligent energy entities.

We all have purposes and destinies and we are all evolving into something 'higher' than ourselves. We are all connected and the purpose, destiny and evolution of one affects all the others.

Quantum Communication. We all communicate on many levels. Not just with the spoken and written word.

Quantum Mind. There is really only ONE mind. It is the Mind of the Creator God. We are simply individual souls within the Greater Mind. We 'blink out and 'blink in' of the this mind using the Quantum Ocean.

We do this physical 'blink out' to experience what else could possibly be in this infinite Mind of God.

Quantum Energy. Simply speaking the only thing happening in the entire Universe is Energy in Relationships.

And these Energy Relationships are governed by the “Law of Three” and the “Laws of Resonant Frequency.”

One thing the “Law of Three” Says is that this Article is Energy. You are Energy. When you read this article you will have an energy relationship with it.

You will never be the same again after reading this article.

More Quantum Information to come.

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