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Quantum Evolution Scientifc Theory Versus Spiritual Theory

Quantum Evolution

Scientific Theory Versus Spiritual Theory

The first thing we must address when writing an article about Quantum Physics, or any other highly technical subject is to define our terms.

What is meant by Evolution? When the Quantum Scientists talk about Quantum Evolution they discusses the classical Darwinian model of Evolution. They also use the words mutation and random mutations.

These are not my choice of words. I prefer the Spiritual Quantum Theory of Quantum Evolution and the word “mutation” in any form does not fit there.

Scientific Quantum Evolution discusses the structures of DNA and RNA, and coherence times. They speculate on the jumps in fossil records and speculative molecular processes.

The point I am making is this: the workings of the Quantum Ocean, the Mind of God and Nature are really quite simple. Man in his egoistic drive to believe that he is the highest order of intelligence in the Universe constantly complicates things.

When ever a theory or a speculation about any thing leaves out the primary cause of all creation, a Prime Move, a Grand Architect of the Universe, or an intelligent Creator it is doomed to failure.

I taught college mathematics for 18 years. If I started my mathematical proofs with 2+2=5. no matter how sophisticated the rest of the proof was worked out, the conclusion would be wrong.

The Scientific Quantum theorists, engineers and professors should understand that just because man can do something, does not mean that he should go ahead and do it.

Genetic engineering and the Atomic bomb are two inventions that come to mind.

If we could only learn to slow down our Scientific Quantum Evolution advances and our dangerous high technology race towards destruction. If we could just get QUIET!

And by getting quiet we would be able to hear the small quiet inner voice that is within all of us. This voice would tell us what “Spiritual Quantum Evolution” means.

Since Quantum (Plural: Quanta) is the smallest unit of any physical entity we could say it represents the smallest particle that an individual soul could manifest into.

Therefore “Spiritual Quantum Evolution” is about the Evolution of individual souls not physical matter.

The true purpose or should I say destiny of a soul is to work (experience) itself back from whence it came. Back to God, it's beginning.

Spiritual Quantum Physics answers the three intriguing questions that have puzzled man from time immemorial.

Who are we? Where did we come from? And Where are we going?

Spiritual Quantum Evolution tells us we are all individual souls who have 'Blinked Out' of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God into a physical reality.

It is here on the physical plane, matrix or playing field of the Quantum Ocean that we experience life. It is here where we use these experiences to fulfill our individual destinies.

And that destiny is to evolve; to raise our levels of consciousness; to become more godlike with each “Blink Out' incarnation, until one day we can “Blink Back” into the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God and come out no more.

There is an old saying:

If it ain't broke; don't fix it.”

Leave our DNA alone. If these Scientific Quantum Evolution elitists want to evolve then let them evolve int “Spiritual Quantum Evolution Elitists.”

Let us never forget there is a big difference between intelligence and wisdom

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