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Quantum Law Of Attraction Timing

Quantum Law of Attraction Timing

We are now starting our 2000 year journey into the Age of Aquarius. With this new age comes a new paradigm called the Laws of Quantum Physics.

There are two schools of thought pertaining to these new Quantum Laws. One is the school championed by the Universities, mathematicians and physicists. They are searching for truth and meaning to life in the laboratories and the classroom.

Then there is the school of Spiritual Quantum Physics. This is the one I choose to write and talk about for several reasons.

One, it includes a Creator God, a grand architect, who put the whole Universe in motion, who put all the energy in the Big Bang Theory in the first place. Who placed you, I and the Universe under Natural Law. Who wants us to have a better life.

I reject the God of Chaos and the Big Bang Theory.

Besides what good is the new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics for the common folk, if it is locked up in the Universities to be used and studied by a select few.

The age of the select few is over. The Age of Aquarius has torn the lid off the box of secrets. It is the select few religious leaders, politicians, professors, lawyers, doctors and CEO's who have help create the mess we are in. There is no room in the New Age of Aquarius for them. They will become as extinct as the Do Do birds.

So I say let us use the new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics for answers in OUR every day life.

The most popular of the new laws is the Law of Attraction. This law tells us that what we think about, we attract and what we attract creates our life. The major problem with many who use the Law of Attraction for health, wealth and love is the timing factor.

To explain this Quantum Timing factor we must go back to basics.

First of all the Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. There is no time nor space there. Everything that is, was or will be exists there.

It is a timeless, space-less infinite point where you, I and the Universe exist.

It is the Mind of the Creator God.

Now you and I 'blinked out' of the Mind of God as individual souls, onto the physical plane. We 'blink out' to experience “Life.” And to use the experience to fulfill our destiny, This is the destiny of all souls who have 'blinked out.'

And that destiny is to evolve, become more conscious, individualize and become more God-like.

We are a soul that builds a physical body, and emotional body, as well as a mental body. We are not a body who has a soul. We are a soul who has a body.

The connecting link between us, as individual souls, and the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God is our Aura.

Simply speaking, what ever energies we carry in our Auras uses the Law of Attraction to create our lives.

Our present health, wealth and happiness is a direct result of the energies we carry with us. The energies we carry in our Auras we have put there with our thoughts. But understand this also. Much of our ill health and poverty and unhappiness has also been put into our minds by others.

Thoughts are things and if we want to change our state of health, wealth and happiness we must change our thought. Also we must learn to guard ourselves from the negative thoughts of others.

Using our thoughts we can attract better health wealth and love out of the Quantum Ocean into our Auras.

But here is the catch that many do not understand about the Law of Attraction.

Our Auras are already full. And if we are poor, sickly or unhappy or feel unloved, our Auras are full of these negative energies.

The new healthier, wealthier, loving energies we are thinking out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, cannot instantly enter our Auras and manifest as health, wealth and love. Quantum Time is needed. The time it will take these new positive energies to work their way through and dissolve the negative energies we have been carrying around in our Aura.

For some it will be like the slow drip of pure, clean water drip, drip, dripping into a 55 gallon drum of dirty water (your Aura.) For some it will be like a steady stream of pure clear water flowing from a tap into a 55 gallon drum.

The Quantum timing will be different for us each one of us.

But it will work. The Law of Attraction of positive energies out of the Quantum Ocean is just that, a Law.

How long will it take you?

How much gook do you have stored up in your Aura?

Ragnar Storyteller (AKA Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He is the inventor of the simple radionics device called “The Nordic Ond Orgone Generator”. He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. You can see more of his works on his websites:




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