Friday, February 13, 2009

Quantum Physics "What Kind of a Dog Are You?"

Quantum Physics

What Kind of Dog are You?”

I am 70+ and the last year of my life has been one of the most satisfying and productive.

I attribute it to the New Age of Aquarius and it's new Paradigms. The new age that we are in will be here for 2000 more years.

The energies and the new Paradigms all change the face of the whole world. This is what New Ages do. The last new age was 2000 years ago and was called the Age of Pisces.

Christianity was introduced to the world and nobody can deny that it changed the world.

The new paradigms of the Age of Aquarius are summed up in the Laws of Quantum Physics, the Laws of Attraction and the Laws of Resonant Frequencies.

The bottom line of all of these laws is “Every thing is energy.” You are energy, I am energy, The planet Earth is energy, God is energy.

It also tells us that “Thoughts are things.” You will attract out of the Quantum Ocean of infinite intelligent energy the physical manifestation of your thoughts.

You think good positive thoughts then your life will be filled with good positive things like health, wealth and love.

You think bad negative thoughts then your life will be filled with bad negative things such as poverty, loneliness and ill health

Each of us create our reality by our thoughts. This is very exacting and I have been using this new paradigm to reshape and restructure my life. Even at 70+ I now look forward to many more years of prosperity, good health and love.

Of all the definitions and articles I have read and studied there is one story that brings the idea of 'thoughts create' most significantly to my mind.

Let me tell you the story: There was this small town where 2 dogs lived. A rumor was spread around that there was a magical temple on the top of the hill where you could go and see things.

One of the dogs a very positive, cheerful little dog traveled up the hill and entered the big hall. It was a hall of a thousand mirrors. The cheerful little perky dog stepped up to the mirrors and looked. He had a big smile on his dogie face and his tail was wagging.

What he saw looking back at him were thousands of other dogs smiling back at him with their tails wagging.

He said to himself that this was a great place to visit with so many happy dogs and he would visit every day.

Another dog in town also heard the rumors. He was negative, nasty, cowardly and selfish. He crept quickly up the hill one night, crept into the hall of mirrors and cautiously peeked in. As he did he snarled and barked.

What he saw were thousands of negative, nasty snarling barking dogs glaring back at him.

He thought, “This is a terrible place, with horrible mean dogs. I will never come here again!” He put his tail between his legs and ran out never to return.

What kind of dog are you? What we give out in the way of negativity or positive energy is reflected back to us a thousand fold. What do you see when you look in the mirror.

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